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Manage multiple environments

One of your environments is the Central Login Environment (CLE). The CLE provides administrative functionality that is unavailable in other environments.


This description does not apply to AFAS Online, because AFAS manages the environments of AFAS Online.



If you have multiple environments, you must set one environment as the Central Login Environment. If you have one environment, this is always the Central Login Environment.

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The CLE provides a number of functions that are unavailable in other environments, namely:

  • Central registration of users added to other environments.
  • Log off users if problems occur.
  • Block/unblock environments.
  • Manage the central queue of the Profit Batch Service.
  • Send and receive messages through the communication service.

The central environment is also used to check if the permitted number of Profit users is not exceeded.

Users added to a specific environment are always also added as logins to the Central Login Environment. However, you manage the authorisation of users per environment, not in the CLE.


  • Set up the Central Login Environment

    There is always one Central Login Environment. For installations with a single environment, this environment is also the Central Login Environment (CLE). For installations with several environments, the CLE must be set. Even if, in addition to the current environment, you still have an old and/or blocked environment, you must set up the Central Login Environment. In that case, set the current environment as the Central Login Environment.

  • Central Login Environment log

    Changes made when logging on, the Profit Update Service, connectors or the web service are logged. You can view and clear the log.

  • View the Central Login Environment

    There are two ways to find out which environment is the Central Login Environment: in the Environment Manager or in the CLE itself.

  • Show messages to users logging on

    You can display a message to users as soon as they log on.

  • Block and unblock the Central Login Environment

    You can block the Central Login Environment (CLE), for example, if you want to install an update.

  • Users in the CLE

    Users added to a specific environment are also added to the Central Login Environment.

  • Log off users who are frozen from the environment

    Users can become frozen in an environment. To give these users correct access to Profit again, you can log off these users via the CLE.

  • Synchronise users

    All the users from the various environments are included in the Central Login Environment (CLE). In certain cases you must synchronise users in the CLE with users in other environments.

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