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Resolve data import errors

If an import does not proceed correctly, you must view the error messages and correct them. To prevent errors during the import, you can perform a technical check in advance in the import wizard. Here Profit checks if the import file meets the various general requirements and the import method set by you.

When you actually perform the import, Profit performs additional checks. These checks largely match the checks performed by Profit if you manually add or change data. If errors are found, Profit saves them in a log file, if applicable with a description of the error (this depends on the settings you selected in the import wizard). You can correct errors in the import file (or log file) using a text editor or by using the Open log function in the Rejected lines frame. You can use Notepad to correct the rejected data and then re-import them.


Always test the import in a test environment before making permanent changes to your live environment.


  • View errors

    There are various ways in which to view the errors in the import file.

  • Correct errors via Edit mode

    You can correct errors by modifying the import file. A special function is available for this.

  • Open import error report

    You can open an error report, created during a previous import action, via the import wizard.



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