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Link an environment to the Profit Communication Center (InSite)

Use this procedure if the PCC has already been installed on your workstation (for example by the administrator). With the installation of the settings, you link the PCC to a specific environment.

If you also have other environments, you can use the PCC in combination with those environments as well. Link the required environments to the PCC.

To download settings:

  1. Open the InSite site (your own InSite site) you want to use in combination with the Profit Communication Center.
  2. Log on to the site.
  3. Click on:Communication Center.

  4. Click on: Download PCC settings.
  5. Save the settings file on your workstation.
  6. Double-click on the Settings.poci file to link the environment.

    After the installation, the Profit Communication Center applies the settings and tries to establish a connection with Profit. When this process is successfully completed, the message Environment added successfully is displayed. After this you can use the Profit Communication Center.

    If you use AFAS Online, another message appears.


    If you cannot record the settings using the above procedure, use the following procedure to import the settings file into the Profit Communication Center.

To record user settings for the Profit Communication Center:

  1. Start the PCC on your workstation.
  2. If the PCC is already active, start the application from the Windows System tray:

  3. Click on: Add.
  4. Select the settings file.
  5. Click on: Open.

Directly to

  1. Install the Profit Communication Center on the user's workstation (InSite)
  2. Install the PCC and link the first environment
  3. Add an additional environment


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