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Points of attention with regard to the new sign-on

Get started with these points immediately after the change.

Reinstall and relink PCC:

If you use the PCC, you must also switch to PCC version 7 after switching to Profit 7. The procedure will depend on your Profit version:

  • Do you use Profit 6 and have you switched to the new sign-on method? You must download and install the PCC version 7. Next, download the settings and again link the environment.
  • Do you use Profit 7 and have you switched to the new sign-on method? Update the PCC to Profit 7.

More information:

The PCC is not available on the Apple Mac.

Change Windows file locations:

If you wrote files to the local disk from Profit, you used tsclient. This has changed.

You must use the \\Client\[schijfletter]$ location on the new platform. If you use the C drive, it will be \\Client\C$. The file locations are converted to the new location that starts with \\Client\C$ as much as possible during the switch. Check whether all locations that are relevant for you have been converted and, when required, change the paths.

Change the Mac file locations:

Apple Mac is also being supported on the new platform. You should use the following location with regard to a reference to a local disk:

\\Client\C$\<user>\desktop\<folder name>

If, for example, the user Richard wants to write the files to the local folder Payments, this becomes:


Summary of the locations to be changed (not an exhaustive list):

  • General / Communication service / Communication profile, type External portal, tab Settings
  • General / Configuration / Payment settings / Bank account, locations for payment, collection, repayment and payments from abroad.
  • HR / Management / Settings, Digital tab.
  • HR / Organisation / Employer
    • tab Payment, field File location
    • tab Agency. You must record the file location with regard to specific agencies such as 'UWV' (Dutch Employee Insurance Agency).
    • tab Journalising, field Journal entry file name 
    • tab Bank/giro number, field File location
    • tabs 'PLO' and 'PLO AO', 'OLP Schoonmaak'
  • Paths that have been included in import definitions

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