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Before adding an organisation, you first determine the type of organisation. If it is a sales contact, you add the organisation via the Sales contact menu item. If you only know the general data of the organisation, you add an Organisation.



You can add organisations and persons in two ways:

  1. From an organisation (or person), adding the type data
  2. From the appropriate organisation or person type

The first way starts with the Organisation or Person function in Profit CRM. In this way you add organisations and persons, without using one of the specific types. The target group of potential new customers consists of this kind of organisations without a type.

You approach these organisations and persons, for example as part of marketing actions, but you do not yet use them in other processes in Profit. Once you add a quotation to an organisation, you convert the organisation to a sales contact. This means that once an organisation 'without type' asks for a quotation, you have to enter additional data. At that point the organisation becomes a sales contact with the Prospect status.

The second way to add an organisation or person begins with the specific type. If you add a sales contact or purchase contact, Profit automatically adds an organisation. If you add an employee, Profit automatically adds a person.


A new customer bought something from you. A customer is a sales contact, which you can add using the Sales contact menu function in Profit Order management or Profit Financieel. Using the wizard, you first enter the organisation details and then the additional data of the Sales contact type.

A contact person at an organisation can be added to an organisation. If you add a contact person, that person is registered as a person.

Depending on the type of the organisation you are adding, you must complete specific fields. You can set it up in such a way that you complete these fields when adding an organisation (see Organisation and person settings). If you do not display these fields in the wizard, you can complete them later from the properties.



Organisations and persons