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A large number of default reports is supplied with Profit. These reports have the addition (Profit) in their name. You cannot change the default reports. You can, however, copy a report and adjust the copy or create a new report from scratch based on a data collection of your choice.

Copying a (default) report is usually the easiest method. You can first test the existing report and quickly determine which changes are required. For this test, use the data collection linked to the report. You cannot link another data collection. Before you make drastic changes, you should check if the data collection of the report meets your information requirements.

If you do not want to copy an existing report, add a new report based on a data collection. In that case you start with an empty report layout that you must fill and format. Because you cannot add a different data collection to the report later on, the choice of the data collection is essential.

Every report is based on one specific data collection. You can only include fields from this data collection in the report. If you also need data from another data collection, use a sub-report: a sub-report can be based on a data collection that differs from the one the main report is based on. A main report can have multiple sub-reports.




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