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Add years to a period table (Fixed assets)

You add years to the period table for fixed assets. Because depreciations take place in the future, the period table must also contain these future periods. If you start in 2015 with assets you depreciate over 40 years, you need a period table that runs to at least 2055.

If a year has been fully processed for the fixed assets, you block the year. This means that the journal entries for the new year can be processed. This also means that when you enter "old" fixed assets (with a start date before the last blocked period), the depreciation amounts entered previously can be entered as initial amounts.

To add years to a period table:

  1. Go to: General / Configuration / Period settings / Period table.
  2. Click on the action: Add years.

    You open a wizard for adding years and see the start date of the next free financial year.

  3. Enter a value in Number of financial years.

    Ensure you enter sufficient years to handle long running depreciations.

  4. Click on: Finish.

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