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Add the annual VAT/ICP Luxembourg declaration

After the end of a financial year, you prepare the annual declaration.

To add a Luxembourg annual VAT declaration:

  1. Go to: Financial / VAT/ICP / VAT/ICP-declaration.
  2. Click on the action: Luxembourg annual declaration.
  3. Select the year for which you want to add the annual declaration.
  4. Enter the Turnover type.

    For section 001, 002 and 003, only one of the sections appears in the declaration. You specify what this is with this Turnover type field (1A=001, 1B=002, 1C=003) when you create a new annual declaration.

  5. Enter the depository of the financial administration if the depository is outside Luxembourg.
  6. Click on: Next.

    You see a view with sections from the declaration which you can complete manually. These are the amounts that cannot be derived from Profit, for example, private use and estimates. You only see the sections where Enter manually is selected in Calculation basis calculation.

  7. Fill in the manual sections in the same way as for the period declaration.
  8. Click on: Finish.

After this, you can finalise the annual declaration and prepare it in the same way as the period declaration.

With the finalisation of the annual declaration, Profit automatically blocks the associated entry periods of that year. You can check this in the Administration settings on the Periods tab. You can remove this block manually. In Luxembourg, any corrections for a finalised year must be entered in an as yet unfinalised year.

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