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Pay for the VAT declaration

Once you have made the declaration, you can pay it immediately. This can be done manually or automatically.


You can pay the VAT amount either manually or automatically once you have submitted the declaration. You do not have to wait for the assessment from the tax authority.

If you want to pay automatically then you must have configured this.

If you have configured Automatic payment, Profit automatically adds an outstanding item for the turnover tax due after finalisation of the declaration (not in the Netherlands Antilles). This amount is paid to the tax authority via an automatic payment order. Profit automatically adds the correct payment reference based on the tax authority's methodology. Profit generates the correct payment reference based on the VAT number, the nature of the declaration (‘OB’ or ‘LH’) and the ‘time codes’ that the tax authority uses for the coming years.

You pay the outstanding item at the same time as your other automatic payments are made..

If you pay automatically using a workflow, you must approve the payment first. If you do not use a workflow, no action is required.

If you have Profit Payroll, you can also pay the 'loonheffing' automatically (not in the Netherlands Antilles or Belgium).



VAT/ICP declaration