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Configure group processing for the salary processing

You configure the processing in groups of large employers to speed up the processing of the salaries.

You specify settings that allow Profit to determine the number of processing groups: the number of groups and the minimum number of employees per group.

It does not make sense to set up a larger number of processing groups than can be performed simultaneously based on the maximum number of processing tasks in the central login environment. You can, however, set up a smaller number of processing groups, so you are left with spare capacity.


The Central Login Environment specifies that the queue can process a maximum of three tasks at the same time.

To use this capacity completely, you specify three processing groups. You could also choose to use two processing groups. In that case one processing task can be used for something else.

To configure the queue for salary processing in groups:

  1. Go to: HR / Management / Settings.
  2. Go to the tab: Payroll.

    If the queue settings are not visible, you first activate the use of the queue in the environment.

  3. Complete the Number of processing groups and Minimal number of employees fields (= per processing group). Specifying a minimum number of employees prevents processing tasks of small employers from being split as well.

Directly to

  1. Configure the queue in Payroll
  2. Start and configure the Profit Batch Service
  3. Configure the processing in groups
  4. Authorise queue actions