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Configure replacement Payroll ledger accounts

You journalise an employer based on his journal structure and the associated chart of accounts. While journalising, Profit can replace the ledger account numbers by other numbers. You cam also expand ledger accounts using codes, for example codes for jobs or organisational units or a fixed leading number.

The use of this functionality is optional. This functionality is intended for organisations for which an allocation has been built into the chart of accounts, for example by including department codes in the ledger account numbers.


If you use this functionality, usually one journal structure and chart of accounts are sufficient for all employers in the environment; you define the deviations (replacement lines) per employer. You can also use this functionality in combination with multiple journal structures/charts of accounts.


You have only one journal structure with a 4-digit chart of accounts linked to it.

Your environment contains four employers that use this journal structure:

  • Employer A

    This employer journalises gross wages to account 4010 instead of 4000.

  • Employer B

    This employer journalises to a financial administration in which the account numbers have a leading code. The leading code for this employer is '01'. So the account numbers are 01.4000, 01.4010, 01.4020, etc.

  • Employer C

    This employer journalises to a financial administration in which the account numbers consist of an account number and a cost centre code. For example: account 4000 and cost centre 100 are journalised to 4000.100.

  • Employer D

    No specifics, this employer uses the accounts from the chart of accounts.


  • Add replacement lines

    There are several ways to replace or extend replacement lines.

  • Copy replacement lines

    You can copy replacement lines from another employer. In that case, the journal structure of the source and target employer must be identical.

  • View replacement lines

    In addition to the replacement lines you can also view the result of replacements using various views.

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