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Open an environment and administration

Profit automates the administrative processes within the organisation. You and your colleagues work in a specific Profit environment: you execute the company administrative processes in that environment. An environment can have multiple financial administrations.

Within one environment, you can maintain multiple administrations. An environment contains at least one (financial) administration. If the company has a simple structure, one administration is usually sufficient. However, an environment can also contain multiple administrations, for instance:

  • The environment contains a complete holding structure.
  • The environment contains a head office and several branches.

In the various components of Profit, such as Profit Projecten, Profit Order management and the Course administration, there are no separate administrations. However, you need to indicate the financial administration you wish the data to be channeled to. The below image shows the components per environment/administration. This diagram only relates to Profit Financieel and contacts/persons.

If necessary, you can create a Small Business environment for your clients. A Small Business environment has no administrative subdivisions. If you maintain the administration for several companies/organisations, you can use a separate environment for each company/organisation.


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