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Manage ‘BAPI’ PKI certificates

The communication profile for communicating with the tax authority contains all PKI certificates that you have imported into Profit.

To manage PKI certificates:

  1. Go to: General / Communication service / Communication profile.
  2. Open the properties of the communication profile. Communication with tax authority (BAPI).
  3. Go to the tab: Certificate.

    You always need an E certificate and a DS certificate. A single line is displayed for each ‘couple’.

  4.  Open the properties of a certificate.

    The properties show the certificate’s period of validity. The Certificates tab shows the E certificate and the DS certificate, but you cannot change these.

  5. Select the Withdrawn (do not use for sending) check box if it is no longer allowed to use the certificate. This setting only applies to new messages you send out. Return messages can still be processed via the revoked certificate.
  6. Click on: OK.

Directly to

  1. 'BAPI' PKI certificate for extending the exchange with the tax authority (communication service)
  2. Submit a request to extend a ‘BAPI’ PKI certificate
  3. Import an extended ‘BAPI’ PKI certificate
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