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Manage user tokens for the Profit Communication Center

If you use the Profit Communication Center, authentication takes place based on tokens. There is one exception to this: authentication on the basis of Windows authentication. This is only possible for local installations.

An administrator can delete a token from an environment. This may be necessary if, for example, a user reports that he has lost his laptop. By deleting the token, the Profit Communication Center is no longer accessible from the lost laptop. If the user gets a new laptop, he can once again download and install the Profit Communication Center. A new token automatically comes into being with the recording of the settings.

If a user is given a new workstation in the usual way, you do not need to delete the old token. The user installs the Profit Communication Center on his/her new workstation and records the settings. He then automatically gets a new token and the old token expires.

To delete a token:

  1. Open the environment that is used in combination with the Profit Communication Center.
  2. Go to: General / Management / App connector.
  3. Open the properties of the app connector Profit Communication Center.
  4. Go to the tab: User tokens.
  5. Delete the token that should no longer be used.

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