Run a command line via AFAS Remote

AFAS Remote is a separate tool you can use to run a command line from a local system on which Profit has not been installed.AFAS Remote is designed for actions dealing with the exchange of data via an import, GetConnector or UpdateConnector. This expands your options for connecting an external system to Profit.

AFAS Remote can only be used for the following command line actions:

  • IMPORT: Import data in Profit based on an import definition.
  • IMPORTXML: Run an UpdateConnector.
  • GETCONNECTOR: Run a GetConnector.

Only use AFAS Remote if you want to run a command line on a system that does not have Profit installed. If Profit is installed on the system, use the default command line (AFASCMD).


The NTLM phase-out has led to a change in the operation of AFAS Remote as from Profit Update 2016.2.08. The new procedure uses token-based authentication. Old solutions can still be used but if you create a new solution or want to switch to the new technology, follow the procedures described here.


The command line in AFAS Remote largely works the same way as the default command line, but AFAS Remote uses the Profit Web services for the exchange of data.

Authentication with user tokens

AFAS Remote uses user tokens for the authentication. A user token is a secret key linked to the combination of command line user and environment. During the configuration of AFAS Remote, you register the user tokens on the system on which you want to run AFAS Remote.

When you run a command line, the user token is automatically sent along. The authentication takes place based on the token. You do not have to record the user name and the password of the command line user in the command line.