Call Profit Connectors using SOAPUI

You call Profit Connectors using the Web services. You can call the Web Services using SOAP messages. You can use the free SOAPUI tool to test the calling of connectors and learn how to call Profit Web services.

SOAP is a protocol to exchange messages over the Internet. There are various tools for using SOAP. We explain one tool: SOAPUI.

SOAP options:

  • Connect to Profit Web services
  • Retrieve WDSL (definition) of the Profit Web Services
  • Run Profit Connectors

We recommend you use NTLMv2. We advise against the use of NTLMv1, as this is an obsolete protocol.


The SOAPUI tool is explained in the KnowledgeBase, because it is a free tool that you can use to call the Web services using SOAP messages. AFAS does not provide support for this tool.