Add an app connector for the Profit REST Service

To be able to use the Profit REST Services, you must add an App connector. The App connector controls the access to the Profit REST Services:

  • A user group is linked to the App connector and only users in this group can call the Profit REST Services.
  • The app connector contains all tokens issued.
  • The app connector provides access to specific UpdateConnectors, GetConnectors and some special connectors. Other connectors cannot be called using the Profit REST Services.

App connectors are used in different ways in Profit. If you have added an App connector for calling XML connectors via the Profit Web services, you can also use it for the Profit REST Services. If you want to separate the management of these services, you use a separate App connector for the Profit REST Services.

To add an App connector for the Profit REST Services:

  1. Add a user group

    You add a separate user group for users who are allowed to use the connectors.

  2. Add an app connector

    You add an app connector that an external application can use to exchange data with Profit.

    A new app connector is automatically blocked so you can complete the configuration without the app connector being used.

    Record the connectors that can be called using the App connector, and consequently using the Profit REST Services as well.

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