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AFAS Pocket is an app that enables 'mobile working' with Profit via a smartphone or tablet (on supported versions of Apple iOS and Android).

Pocket and the new sign-on method

AFAS Online customers will switch to the new sign-on method in phases as from halfway through June 2018. AFAS Pocket plays an essential role within this context. After all, you use AFAS Pocket when signing on based on two-factor authorisation.

If you only use Pocket for two-factor authentication, you do not have to configure Pocket. Your users download the app and they also activate AFAS Pocket during the first sign-on for two-factor authentication.

Pocket as an ERP tool

You will always have access to all types of important ERP function with Pocket, in particular, in relation to Employee Self Service. If you use this solution, you must implement the configuration in Profit.

AFAS Pocket is seamlessly integrated with the Profit back office and provides the following options:

  • Fast insight into open actions and process your tasks and alerts by pressing a button once.
  • You will always know what is going on in your organisation through the newsfeed.
  • View the file of the (customer) contact for the most up-to-date information or call them from the app.
  • Enter hours in relation to the correct project and the accounting will have been completed.
  • You can enter a claim quickly by using a photo of an invoice or form. You can also claim travelling expenses fast and easily.
  • Direct insight into your pay slips and annual statements.
  • Enter your leave days using the Pocket App. You can also see the remaining balance.
  • Report sickness and recovery through the app so that your manager is informed.


For the data traffic between Profit and AFAS Pocket, a proxy server is used which is managed by AFAS. This applies to both AFAS Online and local installations.

By using a specific proxy server, an end user of the app does not have to specify a URL for the communication with Profit. The end user only specifies an environment key. He/she will receive an email back afterwards with an activation code that he/she can use to definitely starting using the app. Data traffic between Profit and the proxy server takes place through a secure point-to-point connection.

Configuration in Profit:



Install AFAS Pocket on your smartphone

Use AFAS Pocket on your smartphone


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