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Place dossier items in a calendar

A reason for entering dossier items in  Profit Calendar can be to schedule the completion of a dossier item on a particular date.

You must first record for the dossier item that it is allowed to be placed in the Calendar. Next, you place the dossier item in the calendar.


If you schedule a dossier item for a contact person, a dossier item of the Appointment type is added to the contact's dossier automatically. There are thus two dossier items about the same subject: one dossier item with the content and one dossier item concerning the appointment.

To designate a dossier item for calendar scheduling:

  1. Open the properties of the dossier item type..
  2. Click on the action: Include in calendar planning.

  3. Click on: OK.

To put a dossier item in the Calendar:

  1. Go to: General / Calendar / Calendar.

    Make sure that the appropriate day is displayed in the calendar window.

  2. Go to the tab: Calendar planning.

    Profit displays all dossier items that still need to be scheduled.

  3. Select the dossier item.
  4. Drag the Drag to calendar button to the day and time required.

    Profit displays the scheduled appointment. You can double-click on the appointment to view the properties and to invite another person, if necessary.

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