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Authorise actions

You authorise per user which actions the user can perform in a view or properties window.


Actions appear as buttons and as menu items. For each view you can authorise, for example, the following actions:

  • Actions that appear in most of the views, such as Add and Delete.
  • Actions that only appear in specific views, such as Approve in the Salary processing cockpit.


    In many views you can find the New action for adding data, such as adding a sales contact via the Sales contacts/debtors view:

    You can authorise the New button by assigning rights to the Add action in the Authorisation tool. You can also separately authorise specific actions such as Change debtor number.

It is recommended not to assign too many rights to the Delete action. In Profit you can block lots of data, making it impossible for people to use them any longer. You could, for example, only assign the right to the Delete action to managers.

Under General / Actions in the Authorisation tool, four actions are listed that you authorise once. The authorisation then applies to all the relevant views:Cockpit management, View management, Export and print in views, and Field settings administrator level.

Effective rights

The effective rights per user consist of:

  • All the group rights of the user. If the user is authorised for a certain action via several groups, the most extensive authorisation applies.
  • Any deviations that are set at the user level supersede group rights. Here you can both expand and limit the access.
  • Authorise a group for actions

    New users are not authorised for actions by default (for the actions the Not allowed right is selected).

  • Make view actions inaccessible

    By default all the users are allowed to print and export views. If a user has access to a view in Profit, he can export all the information he sees to Excel and/or print it. You cannot authorise these actions per view. In the Authorisation tool you can authorise the Export and Print actions for all the views at once.

  • Manage action, menu and tab authorisation

    In the authorisation you determine the rights of users to perform view actions.



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