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Check authorisation for actions, menu and tabs

For each menu item, action or tab you can view which users are authorised to use them.

From this overview, you can also revoke the authorisation of users or groups for a specific action, menu option or tab. In addition, you can use the From group button to delete a user from a group.

To view the example menu per user:

  1. Go to: General / Management / Authorisation tool.
  2. Select the user.
  3. Go to: Extra / Sample menu....

    You see an example of the user's menu in a separate window.

  4. Click on: Close.

To view and change the authorisation for an action, menu or tab:

In this example you select a menu option, tab or action and display the authorised users. You can directly change the authorisation.

  1. Select the menu item, the action or the tab for which you want to view and possibly change the authorisation.
  2. Go to: Extra / Show authorised users.

    You can see the users who are authorised for the selected item.

    If a user is authorised both as a user and via a user group, the user appears multiple times in the view.

  3. Select a line containing a group.
  4. Click on: To group.

    This selects the group and allows you to directly change the authorisation.

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