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Import and export a GetConnector

You can export a GetConnector from an environment and import it into another environment. This way a partner can make a GetConnector available to a customer.


What we are talking about here, is exporting and importing the definition of the GetConnector. The records that can be retrieved from an environment using the GetConnector, do not play any role here.

To export a GetConnector:

  1. Go to: General / Output / Management / GetConnector.
  2. Select the GetConnector to be exported.
  3. Click on the action: Export.
  4. Click on: Next

    The properties of the GetConnector are displayed for your information.

  5. Click on: Next
  6. Select the file location where you want to save the GetConnector.
  7. Click on: Finish
  8. Click on: OK

To import a GetConnector:

  1. Open the environment into which you want to import the exported GetConnector(s).
  2. Go to: General / Output / Management / GetConnector.
  3. Click on the action: Import.
  4. Click on:
    • File (to import one GetConnector)
    • Folder (to import multiple GetConnectors)
  5. Select the '.gcn file' for the GetConnector to be imported.
  6. Click on: Finish

    The system displays the progress of the import.

  7. Click on: OK
  8. Click on: Finish.

    The import is complete.

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