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Custom fields (UpdateConnector)

You can add fields to Profit tables yourself in the Management tool. Once you have included the custom fields in the Management tool, they are added to the XSD schema. You can also deliver the custom fields via the UpdateConnector.

Custom fields have been added to the XSD schema in the form of a 'GUID' with a description (the field name from the Management tool).


Custom fields are created per environment. The name ('GUID') of a custom field in the XSD schema will differ according to the environment. The properties of a customer field may also differ according to the environment. For this reason, you cannot simply take an UpdateConnector with custom fields that was made for a specific environment and use it with a different environment.

You can delete custom fields from an environment. If these custom fields are used in the UpdateConnector, you must also delete them from the UpdateConnector.

In the example, you see that two fields have been added to the Financial changes table in the Management Tool:

You can use the XSD Schema tool to view the field names of the custom fields:

App_Vrije velden aanleveren via de UpdateConnector - XSD Schema Tool


General information about Profit UpdateConnectors

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