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Custom configuration with fields and tabs

You add your own tabs and fields to Profit.



If you want to record extra data with a certain function (and as a result in a certain table in the database), you can expand the function with a custom tab, on which you place custom fields. Having multiple custom tabs in a single function is also possible.

Several types of custom fields can be used, such as Text, Memo, Date, Yes/NoE-mail and Website. By using field types, you can record data in a structured manner. You can set the maximum length for a text field, for example, and make Profit force the correct formatting for date fields (e.g. dd-mm-yyyy). The number of custom fields is not unlimited, but there is no simple rule for determining the maximum. This depends, among other things, on the field type.


Custom fields can also be used in the Profit UpdateConnector.

Profit does not keep a history of a regular custom field. If the field is filled and then changed, you can no longer show or retrieve the previous value. You can only do this if you create the custom field in a custom contact file or a general custom file.

Extended example

The Marketing Department wants to register per organisation if it is eligible for promotional gifts and the date of the next visit. For this you must add a custom tab for organisations with the following custom fields:

  • Promotional gift Y/N
  • Date of next visit (dd-mm-yyyy)
  • Note

This allows you to record the correct features per organisation.


You can authorise custom tabs for each tab, just like regular tabs. In the above example you give the members of the Marketing authorisation group writing rights to the Prospect tab, allowing them to change data. Other employees only receive viewing rights.

Data collections

Custom fields are part of data collections, as a result of which you can use them in alerts, reports and views. You can add views with the added fields, reports, etc.


  • Add a custom field

    You can add the required custom fields. Then place the custom fields on a custom tab, which is covered in the next step.

  • Custom field with link to custom table

    You can use custom tables if you regularly have to record the same data in a custom field.

  • Predefined field

    Predefined fields are fields supplied together with Profit with the correct field settings, but that have not yet been used. After activating via the Management tool they will be visible in the Fields tab for the function.

  • Field types

    It is crucial to choose the correct field type, because this determines what you can record in the database. After you add a custom field, you can no longer change the field type.

  • Custom tab

    You can use the custom tabs in Profit to display custom fields that you have added.


Custom configuration

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