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Change or import custom table

Profit contains custom tables, to which you can add values yourself.

If you have multiple licence languages, you can record a code and a description per language. This enables each Profit user to use his own language.

You do not only use codes to record data and for reports. Codes also affect:

  • Filters
  • Filter authorisation on the basis of custom table values.
  • Preferred values for fields
  • Exporting views
  • Output such as reports and analyses

In these situations, codes in the language of the user apply. Thus, a Dutch user will use other codes than an English user.

To adjust a custom table:

  1. Go to: General / Configuration / Custom table.
  2. Open the properties of the custom table.
  3. Go to the tab: General.
  4. Select the Maintain in search window check box, if you want to be able to add new values while searching for values in the table.
  5. Click on New.
  6. Enter a code and description per language.

    In the entry layout, Profit displays all languages, regardless of your licence. If you want to hide specific languages, you can remove the fields in question from the entry layout Custom tables (Profit). Make a copy of this entry layout and then adjust it. Block the original entry layout Custom tables (Profit).

  7. Complete the fields.
  8. Click on: Finish.
  9. Click on: Cancel.

To export a custom table:

New_Beschikbaar vanaf Profit Update


This new functionality is available starting with Profit 2016, Build 2, Update 6.

  1.  Go to: General / Configuration / Custom table.
  2. Select the custom table.
  3. Click on the action: Values.
  4. You see a view with values. You can export this view to Microsoft Excel.

To export a custom table (up to and including Profit Update 2016.2.04):

  1. You cannot export a custom table to Excel by selecting General / Configuration / Custom table. You can, however, export a custom table using a function for which you can select a custom table value.
  2. Suppose you want to export the custom table called Legal form. You use this custom table in the properties of organisations.
  3. Go to: CRM / Organisation/person / Organisation/person.
  4. Open the properties of an organisation.
  5. Go to the tab: Organisation.
  6. Use the search window for the Legal form field, which is where you can export the view.

    App_Vrije tabel aanpassen of importeren - export

Import custom table (new import definition):

If you use multiple languages, the same codes and descriptions are used for each language.

  1. Go to: General / Management / Import / Custom table.
  2. Select Import through a new to be created definition.
  3. Click on: Next.
  4. Select the Product the table belongs to.
  5. Select the custom table in Table.

    Click on: Next.

  6. Follow the steps of the import procedure.

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