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Entry layout

You use entry layouts for recording entry lines, such as financial entries, period budgets, actual costing lines and order management entries. Furthermore, you use entry layouts for master data, such as the budgets for positions, the allocation of cost types per wage component, etc.

If you change an entry layout, you must then first test it, for example by adding an entry. You can then see if all of the relevant fields are available, if they are in the right section and if they are in the right order.


AFAS Profit comes with a great many default entry layouts. You cannot change them. You can copy the entry layouts and modify the copies to suit your business situation. You can decide which fields are displayed in the header, in the line and in the footer of an entry layout. You can also set preferred values for fields, skip fields, copy a value from one field to another field, etc.

Entry layouts are definitions. This is why you can use authorisation to decide per entry layout which groups and users are allowed to use the entry layout.


The settings in an entry layout apply to all users. Creating different entry layouts and having different authorisations for them allows you to give one user more options than another user.

If you are using an entry layout you have added yourself, the description of the entry layout appears in the entry window title. This means you will be able to find the entry layout more easily if you want to maintain it.


  • Add an entry layout

    You cannot change the supplied entry layouts, but you can copy an entry layout and change it subsequently.

  • Add a field to the entry layout

    You can add fields to the header, footer and line of your entry layouts.

  • Specify preferred values for fields

    You can specify preferred values for both general fields and line fields. The preferred values appear automatically during the entry process.

  • Configure header and footer

    The header and footer of an entry contain general data. When posting entries, first you complete the header, then the entry lines and then the footer.

  • General settings in an entry layout

    In many of the entry layouts you can specify settings that apply to every new entry posted using that layout.

  • Configure actions

    You can hide the actions in an entry layout, provide a different description and link to a hotkey. You can also change the sequence of actions.

  • Configure lines
  • Determine the layout of the entry lines in the entry lines.
  • Add images to entry layout header

    You can add multiple images to the header of an entry layout. You cannot do this in every entry layout.

  • View which entry layout is valid

    At least one entry layout must be active for each function you use. You can check whether an entry layout is active and, if so, which layout.

  • Block entry layout

    You can block entry layouts if you no longer wish to use them.

  • Add custom fields to an entry layout

    You can add custom fields to Profit tables, this is part of the custom configuration. This allows you to customize Profit to suit your business situation. You can include custom fields in entry layouts so you can enter values in custom fields also.

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