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Block entry layout

At least one entry layout must be active for each function you use. You can check whether an entry layout is active and, if so, which layout.

Usually the supplied entry layouts have the same name as the function. For example: Basic sales order line (Profit) for the function Basic sales order, which you can access by selecting Sales process / Basic sales order. This is the entry window that appears when you select the New action or when viewing the properties. At least one entry layout per function must always be active, that is to say, not blocked.

In a number of cases, these entry layouts are present at a deeper level. For example in Financial, for the entry and fixed journal entry functions. You actually must configure an entry layout there if you want to use these functions.

To view which entry layouts apply:

  1. Go to: General / Management / Entry layout.
  2. Filter by relevant product, for example ‘Logistics' or ‘Financial'.

You now see the entry layouts that can be used with this function. Only the entry layouts that are not blocked, are used by Profit. One entry layout per function must always be active. Unblock one of the entry layouts if none is active.

Several entry layouts can be active simultaneously. In that case users can choose which entry layout they want Profit to use.

View which entry layout applies in Financial - enter:

  1. Go to: Financial / Ledger / Journal.
  2. Open the properties of the journal.
  3. Go to the tab: Layout.
  4. Check if entry layouts have been specified in Enter, Reconcile invoices and Processing bank statement.

View which entry layouts apply in Financial - fixed journal entry:

  1. Go to: Financial / Management / Settings.
  2. Go to the tab: Other entries.
  3. In Entry layout, select an entry layout if nothing has been selected yet.

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