Import an import definition

You import an export definition that you have previously exported from another environment. Import definition file names have a ipd extension.

All import definitions are available as files. You can use the default file saved by Profit, or you can export the import file yourself.

Import definitions saved in Profit, can for example be found in the following folder (depending on the operating system):

\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Profit\AFAS Data\Environments\<Environment name>\Units\Omgevingsnaam\Kernel\Import

The definitions supplied with Profit have a self-explanatory name, such as 'Dos import bank.IPD'. The file names for import definitions that you have added start with the letter U, followed by a series of digits and an abbreviation of the description. For example, 'U2410071128SReOga306.IPD'. If you have exported an import definition yourself, this does not apply, as you can determine the name.

To import an import definition:

  1. Open the environment in which you want to import the import definition.
  2. Go to: the import function.

    For example, if you want to import an import definition for importing ledger accounts, go to Financial / Management / Import ledger / Ledger account.

  3. Select Import definition addition (through a delivered file).
  4. Click on: Next.
  5. Select the file to be imported with the extension '.IPD'.
  6. Run the rest of the wizard.

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