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Unblock the app connector for the Profit Communication Center

The Profit Communication Center is an external application. For the data traffic with Profit, an app connector is used. Every PCC user receives a token which is saved in the app connector.

The administrator unblocks this app connector (per environment). If the app connector is still blocked, the message 'App connector is blocked' is displayed, for example when downloading the Setup file. You unblock the app connector to resolve the message.

To unblock the app connector per environment:

  1. Open the environment that you want to use in combination with the Profit Communication Center.
  2. Go to: General / Management / App connector.
  3. Open the properties of the app connector Profit Communication Center.
  4. Unblock the app connector.
  5. Click on: OK.
  6. In the same way, unblock the AFAS Temporary Office Access app connector.
    • This provides users with access to editing Office files from within Profit. An Office file (Word/Excel) can be saved as an attachment to a dossier item. If you unblock this app connector, users can open a dossier item and edit the attachment. After that, the attachment can once again be saved with the dossier item in Profit.
    • This provides users with access to editing analyses.
    • This provides users with access to editing document layouts (valid starting with Profit Update 2016.2.08).

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