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PCC installation procedure for multiple environments

It can happen that you want to use multiple environments in combination with the PCC. Each user has the PCC and is linked to all relevant environments. This is only possible if all linked environments use the same Profit Update.

The description below is focused on service organisations, such as accountancy firms. An accountancy firm works with Profit and the customers of the accountancy firm also work with Profit.

  • The accountancy firm has one own environment with a linked InSite.
  • Each customer has its own customer environment, but no InSite.

Accountancy firm configuration:

Read the notes for the configuration.

  1. Configure a CLE (local installation only)

    Open the CLE of the accountancy firm and configure it.

  2. Open the environment of the accountancy firm.
  3. Users must have access to InSite.
  4. Configure an app connector.
  5. Set up the InSite main site.

Configure per customer:

  1. Configure a CLE (local installation only)

    Open the CLE of the customer environment and configure it.

  2. Open the environment of the customer.
  3. Authorise users

    You authorise the employees of the accountancy firm who are going to use the PCC in combination with the customer environment. Authorise these users in any event for the following functions:

    • General / Output / Generated analyses
    • General / User / Communication Center / Save settings
  4. Configure an app connector.
  5. Install the InSite main site (only if the customer environment does not have its own InSite).

To install PCC and link an accountancy firm environment:

To link extra customer environments:

You have already installed the PCC, you link the extra customer environments via Profit Windows.

  1. Open the customer environment.
  2. Go to: General / User / Communication Center / Save settings.
  3. Install the downloaded settings file on your workstation.

Perform these steps for each customer environment.


Profit Communication Center

Work area