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Open another administration

You can add multiple (financial) administrations in a single environment. You always open an environment with the last administration opened. If you open another administration, Profit first closes the current administration because you cannot have more than one administration opened. Below, you see several ways to open an administration.

You can only open another administration that is in the current environment. If you want to open an administration in another environment, you first open the environment and then the administration.

To open an administration using the menu:

  1. Go to: General / Administration / Open (F11).

    Profit shows the administrations that are available:

  2. Select the administration.
  3. Click on: OK.

Other ways to open an administration:

  • Using the F11 function key
  • Using the Profit status bar

    At the bottom right in the status bar, click on the name of the open administration:

After one of the above options has been selected, Profit will open the selection window.

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