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Administration sets

You can bundle a number of administrations in a single administration set. You can then retrieve all data for an administration set in certain views in Profit Financieel.


By default the view displays the data of the current (active) administration. However, it may be useful to retrieve data from multiple administrations, for example in the Financial changes view. This makes it easier for you to compare and use data from different administrations, in the Totalizer for example.

By default you can select the data from the current administration, or from all administrations. Use administration sets if you want to retrieve data from part of the administrations.


You have five stores in Amsterdam and three in Utrecht. You are using one environment, in which you use one administration per store. For the stores in Amsterdam, these are ADAM1, ADAM2,... ADAM 5 and for the stores in Utrecht these are UTR1, UTR2 and UTR3.

This allows you to retrieve financial entries per store (=per administration) or for all stores (=all administrations).

You can use administration sets to group the stores:

  • The administration set ‘Amsterdam stores’ contains ADAM1, ADAM2,... ADAM 5.
  • The administration set ‘Utrecht stores’ contains UTR1, UTR2 and UTR3.

    This allows you to also display views with all financial entries for the stores in Amsterdam or Utrecht.

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