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Configure a ledger account for budgeting

For each individual general ledger account, you decide if you are want to budget it. You can budget on amounts and/or numbers. You can also link a periodic allocation table. If you also budget on cost centres, you can link a different periodic allocation table per cost centre.

To configure a general ledger account for budgeting:

  1. Go to: Financial / Ledger / Ledger account.
  2. Open the properties of the general ledger account to be budgeted.
  3. Go to the tab: Extra.
  4. In the Budget field, specify whether you want to budget the account by amount and/or quantity.
  5. Select the Periodic allocation table that you want to use to distribute the budget for this account.
  6. In the properties of the ledger account, select the Obligation mandatory for purchase entries check box if you want to make it mandatory to select an outstanding obligation when posting to this ledger account. This only works if you record obligations and the entry layout has been expanded to include the Obligation field.
  7. Select Budget or Realisation in Show in operations if you want to print budget overviews (operations overviews) based on the budgeted amounts or on the realised amounts.
  8. If you also want to budget on cost centres, you can link a different periodic allocation table per cost centre:
    1. Go to the tab: Allocation assignment.
    2. Profit displays the allocation assignments for which entries can be posted using the opened ledger account.
    3. Open the properties of the allocation assignment.
    4. Go to the tab: Extra budget.
    5. Select the required Periodic allocation table if you do not want to use the default period allocation.
    6. Click on: OK.
  9. Go to the tab: Allocations. If you want to allocate budgets, specify the allocation axis/axes you want use on the tab.
  10. Click on: OK.

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