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Configure the administration settings for budgeting

In the administration settings, you specify the periodic allocation table and the settings for budgeting per allocation axis.

To configure an administration for budget allocation

  1. Go to: Financial / Management / Administration settings.
  2. Go to the tab: Budget.
  3. Select the periodic allocation table you want to use for the distribution of the budget amount for the budget.

    This periodic allocation table is applicable both for budgeting on the general ledger account and for the allocation.

  4. Select the Budget allocation check box if you want to budget on combinations of general ledger accounts and cost centres.
  5. If you have selected the Budget allocation check box, select the axes you want to use for budgeting.
  6. Fill in which axis is the main axis for the annual budget.

    You can enter '1' or '2', depending on whether you budget on axis 1 and/or axis 2.

  7. Enter the preferred scenario.

    Profit requires a preferred scenario so that it knows with which scenario to work when creating reports and to prevent the scenario with which you work from being deleted accidentally.

  8. Click on: OK.
  9. Click on: Yes.

    Profit reopens the environment and processes the settings specified.

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