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Set up a dossier item type and the purchase invoice workflow for InSite

You can change the Purchase invoice dossier item type and set it up for InSite and/or OutSite. This provides the following options for this workflow:

  • The option to specify extra destinations for the dossier of the purchase invoice or the option to make a destination, such as an invoice number, mandatory.
  • The option to copy and change the workflow.
  • The option to create a sub-dossier for a purchase invoice.
  • The option to use features and feature groups.

The Purchase invoice (Profit) dossier item type is supplied as a default with Profit. This is a so-called 'internal dossier item type'. With this type of dossier item you do not have the tabs In & OutSite and To be recorded in OutSite, which allow you to specify whether this dossier item is visible. By default, the Purchase invoice (Profit) is set to Visible in InSite and OutSite.

If you want to use this default workflow, Purchase invoice (Profit), you must activate the invoices in circulation functionality.

To set up a dossier item type and the Purchase Invoice workflow:

  1. Go to:  CRM / Dossier / Configuration / Dossier item type.
  2. Open the properties of the Purchase invoice (Profit) dossier item type.
  3. Go to the tab: General.
  4. Change the settings required.
  5. Go to the tab: Destination.
  6. Select the destination and click on Make optional or Allowed.

    You see the possible destination for a dossier item, depending on the modules you have. You cannot adjust the Purchase contact destination and Inkooprelatie + inkoopfactuur must be at least Optional.

  7. Select the Allowed check box after the desired destination(s).
  8. Click on: OK.
  9. Go to the tab: Settings.
  10. Change the required fields.
  11. Go to the tab:Workflows.

    You see the linked workflow(s). The Purchase invoice (Profit) workflow is provided by default. You can modify the workflow to suit your requirements. For example you can add a task, an explanation of a task, or a condition to a workflow. Thus you can use the Administration and Contract amount fields for conditions in the workflow.

  12. Click on: OK.

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