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Configure a purchase invoice review entry layout

You add the Reviewer field to the entry layout for purchase invoices, so you can specify a reviewer per purchase invoice. Only the reviewer can unblock the purchase invoice.

If you are not familiar with this subject, first read the explanation about entry layouts.

To add an entry layout:

  1. Go to: General / Management / Entry layout.
  2. Click on: New.
  3. Select the entry layout for purchase entries that you want to use as a template for the new entry layout.

    By selecting Financial / Ledger / Journal, purchase journal properties, you can check which entry layout you use for Enter on the Layout tab.

  4. Go to the tab: Line.

    Fin_Boekingslay-out facturen in omloop toevoegen

  5. Add the following fields to the entry line:
    • Block for payment
    • Reviewer

    Place the Reviewer field to the right of the Block for payment field. When making entries, the user must of course first select the Block for payment check box. Only when this check box has been selected can you select a Reviewer.

    You can also add the name of the reviewer. You can find it by clicking the plus sign in front of Reviewer.

  6. Add the Attachment field if you want to link the invoice file (for example a PDF file) as an attachment when entering the purchase invoice. The Purchase invoice workflow will then start automatically, as soon as you link an attachment.


    If you do NOT use the Purchase Invoice workflow but you still want to add an attachment when making an entry, you have to select the Notitie (Algemeen) dossier item type. Profit will then create a dossier for the journal entry:

  • Go to the General settings tab.
  • In Dossier item type, select Note.

  1. You can specify additional settings on the Line fields tab. If you want to block all purchase invoices by default, you can specify this as the preferred value and select Cannot be changed in the Options box. Profit then blocks all purchase invoices, but when making an entry you must select a Reviewer.
  2. Click on: OK.
  3. Link the entry layout to the appropriate journals in the journal properties.

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