Add a journal

Add journals for the various types of entries that you want to record in Profit. You add a journal at the administration level. This means that if you use multiple administrations in one environment, you add the journals for each administration.

To add journals:

  1. Go to: Financial / Ledger / Journal.
  2. Click on: New.
  3. Input the journal number.
  4. Enter the description. Include the bank account number in the description of bank journals.
  5. Select the Journal type. For the cash book and bank journals, you use Financial.
  6. Select the contra account.

    The contra account cannot be present in other journals within the same administration.

  7. Complete the remaining fields.
    • Select a counter for the journal in Counter last invoice (only available for purchase and sales journals). If you do not, you can enter invoice numbers yourself when posting entries to the journal.
    • Select a bank account number in Bank/giro number. You have added a bank account number using General / Configuration / Payment settings / Bank account. If the field has been completed, you can use the journal for processing electronic bank statements.
    • For Negative cash balance check, select code 1 so you are warned when there is a negative cash balance.
  8. Click on: Next.
  9. Select the entry layout(s) you want to use for posting to the specific journal. Select a supplied default layout or an entry layout you created yourself. You can adjust the entry layout to suit your needs and you can use a different layout for each journal type. You can also block a layout, so it cannot be used.
    • If you do not set a preference here, you must select a layout when you start posting entries.
    • If you do set a preference, Profit automatically selects the entry layout in question when you post entries.

    For example, if you add a Purchase journal for entering purchase invoices, you can select the Financial entries (Purchase journal) (Profit) layout for Enter. For a Sales journal you can select the Financial entries (Sales journal) (Profit) layout for Enter, for example. For a Cash journal you can select the Cash layout for Enter, for example.

    If you add a Bank journal, you can, for example, select the Bank layout for Enter, the Afletteren facturen layout for Afletteren facturen and the Bank statement (Profit) layout for Processing bank statement.

  10. Click on: Finish.

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