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Bank account number

In Profit, you can register your own bank account numbers at a bank that has been recorded as an organisation. In this case, these bank account numbers are used, for example, for automatic payments to creditors and automatic collection from debtors.



In Profit, you can record various bank accounts:

  • Your own bank/giro numbers and bank/giro numbers of employers

    First you add the bank as an organisation and then link the bank/giro numbers to this organisation. For each employer, you record additional settings - including the location of the payment file - in Profit Payroll.

  • Bank/giro numbers of organisations and persons

    If an organisation/person is a purchase or sales contact, you record all bank/giro numbers on the Bank/giro number tab. You use these numbers for automatic payment, collection and refund, and when importing bank statements.

    You can also link multiple bank accounts in the properties of an employee, on the Bank tab.

  • Bank/giro number for employees

    For Profit HR/Payroll, the bank or giro account is used to pay out employee salaries. The bank or giro account is linked to the employer. You record the location and the name of the payment file in Profit Payroll.

  • Bank/giro numbers for a ledger account

    In your financial administration, you can record a bank/giro account for a ledger account, for example to import bank statements. You link the bank account of the energy company, for example, to the Energy costs ledger account. This makes importing payments to the energy company more efficient.

    These bank accounts are not linked to an organisation/person.

SEPA payments

Profit only supports SEPA payments for the Rabobank and ING. You can use the following payment formats:

  • Rabobank: Single European Payments Area (SEPA) Single.
  • ING: Single European Payments Area (SEPA) Grouped.
  • Other: SEPA Credit Transfer. This is the latest SEPA payment format.

The payment format SEPA Credit Transfer (SCT) for the payment file and the SEPA Direct Debits (SDD) format for the collection file have been developed by the European Payments Council (EPC). A comprehensive overview of all banks participating in SEPA can be found on the website of the EPC:

Often the bank will (have to) perform an extra check on the initial SEPA payments and SEPA collections. Follow the bank's instructions for delivering SEPA files.


  • Add a bank account

    Add your own bank account number or a bank account number of an employer.

  • Block a bank account

    You block a bank account if it cannot be used temporarily.

  • Change an account to IBAN

    IBAN stands for 'International Bank Account Number'. An IBAN account number is used for payments within Europe. This European system has also been adopted in Israel, Tunisia, Mauritius, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon (2012).

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