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Configure the salary processing plan of an employer

You maintain the salary processing plan per employer in Profit. The salary processing plan is the engine driving the salary processing. For every period in which you process salaries you add a period line to the salary processing plan. A line in the salary processing plan is called a period line.



The salary processing process consists of a number of steps. You should perform these steps as efficiently as possible. The salary processing process looks as follows:

The salary processing is often started two days before the payment date, causing unnecessary stress because a lot of changes have not been made or checked yet. Using the following actions, you can avoid that stress.

  • Distribute the process across an entire period

    Start the salary calculation (processing) for the next period immediately after approving a previous period. In that case, you can also start the checks immediately. At the end of the period, you only have to process the employees with wage entries.

  • Batch processing

    Using the Profit Batch Service, you can move a number of (potentially time-consuming) processes to a queue. Profit performs these tasks in the background. You can continue to work in Profit in the meantime. You can run the processing and approval of the salaries as a background process.

  • Command line

    Using the Command Line Utility, you can run the (potentially time-consuming) processes of processing and approving the salaries, for example at night.

Salary processing plan for a new employer

You apply the 'VCR' method correctly and the period cumulatives are determined correctly by making payments as from period 1. This applies both to new companies and to companies for which the wage processing was previously performed using a system other than Profit:

  • New companies

    You record a new company (for example, one founded on 1 May) in Profit but in the salary processing plan you define all periods starting from period 1. In periods 1 to 4 there are no employees, so processing and approval will take very little time.

  • Existing companies

    Enter the employer and employees and process wages starting from period 1.

Delete a salary processing plan

You can only delete a period line from a salary processing plan if the following conditions are met:

  • The period line is the last (correction) period line of the period in question;
  • The period is not processed yet.

Always delete period lines form the end to the beginning, so first the last (correction) period line, then the one but last (correction) period line, etc.

If you delete the provisional processing, you only delete the calculation for the period. All variable and fixed wage entries remain.


  • Add a period to a salary processing plan

    On the Salary processing plan tab of the employer properties you can maintain the salary processing plan. For every period you add a separate period line to the salary processing plan.

  • Import a salary processing plan

    You can import the salary processing plans for an employer. This saves you a lot of time, if you are maintaining a large number of employers in one environment.

  • Copy a salary processing plan

    In Profit you can copy the salary processing plan of another employer.

  • Employees paid by the hour in the salary processing

    You can process employees paid by the hour in a separate period. This allows you to process fixed salary employees before you process employees paid by the hour and to include all hours posted for a month in the processing.

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