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Period table

A period table contains all years and periods in which you want to record entries. These periods can be months, quarters, weeks, etc. In a period table with quarters, for instance, the year has 4 periods.



If you want to record an entry, you must always enter an entry date. This date must be present in the applicable period table. If it is not, then you must extend the period table with the period in question.


You want to record a financial entry on 15-5-2013. This is only possible if the year 2013 is present in the financial period table and if this period table contains the month of May.

Separate period tables are used for the various Profit components. It may occur, for instance, that the financial period table is based on a monthly arrangement while the logistics table is based on a four-weekly arrangement.

  • Profit Financieel

    Period table for posting financial entries and the various overviews. The cumulatives are also tracked based on the periods and financial years present in the financial period table. Only one financial period table can be active for each environment.

  • Fixed assets

    The period table for Fixed assets in Profit Financieel is used to determine the periodic depreciations on fixed assets.

  • Profit Order management

    The period table for Profit Order management is used to deviate from the periods used for the financial administration. This gives you the option to create reports based on four-weekly periods, for instance.

  • Salary processing in Profit Payroll

    The period table contains the periods for processing the wages of your employees, for example weekly, four-weekly or monthly. If you use different period types, you must add separate period tables for this.

    You use the period tables as follows:

    • Employee

      You determine per employee (in the properties of the salary lines) which period table applies. This allows you to determine whether to process the employee's wages every week, four weeks, month, etc.

    • Employer

      You link the period table to the salary processing plan. The salary processing plan contains all the periods that you want to process using Profit Payroll. One single employer may have employees with different period tables, if the employer has the necessary 'Loonheffing' numbers.


    An employer has office and production employees. Office employee wages are processed per month, production employees wages are processed per four weeks.

  • Leave in Profit HR

    You use a separate period table for tracking leave balances. You link this table in the properties of the CLA/term of employment. This period table is used for all employees that use the CLA/term of employment in question. The leave period table will coincide with the calendar year for many organisations, but you can use a deviating period, or a broken financial year.

  • Profit Projecten

    The period table for entering hours.





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