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Set the period table for Financial and Fixed assets per administration

You set the Financial and Fixed assets period table at the administration level. If you work with multiple administrations within one environment, this allows you to set a different financial or fixed asset period table for a certain administration. This does not directly affect the other administrations in the environment. For example, in the situation where the financial period table for administration X is based on a monthly arrangement while the financial period table for administration Y is based on a four-weekly arrangement. Another example: if a change of the financial year is required for a certain administration, for example in the case of a starting company or an extended financial year, you can configure a different period table for this administration.

You set up the financial period table at the time you add a new administration. You can view and change the period table settings afterwards in the financial administration settings.

You can only configure the period table for Financial and Fixed assets at the administration level. All other period tables work at the environment level.


You have to consider the consolidation of administrations for various period tables. This can cause problems when, for example, you are going to consolidate an administration with a monthly arrangement and one with a four-weekly arrangement. In the consolidation process, Profit adds the data per period. Next, for each period Profit adds the data of the one-month administration to that of the four-weekly period.

To check the period tables for Financial and Fixed Assets per administration:

  1. Open the administration.
  2. Go to: Financial / Management / Administration settings.
  3. Go to the tab: Balance sheet.

  4. Check the active financial period table in Financial period table.

    You can change the financial period table if you want to set a different financial period table for the administration. You must be authorised for the Change period table action to change the period table. For more information, please refer to Change the period table

  5. Check the active period table for Fixed assets for the current administration in Fixed assets period table.

    After the first depreciation period, you can no longer change the fixed assets period table. If you do still want to change the period table, you must first undo the journalising.

    For more information, please refer to Period table for Fixed assets

  6. Click on: OK.

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