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Block years in the period table

You can block years so that entries can no longer be posted to them. If you need to do so later, you can always unblock a blocked year.

When blocking a period table for fixed assets, all years before the year entered are also blocked. When unblocking, all years starting from the year entered are unblocked. You can only block or unblock whole years, which means you cannot block or unblock separate periods. Restrictions may apply, for example due to lines that still need to be journalised.

An exception applies to the HR/Payroll period tables. If you block a certain year, it is still possible to post wage entries to it.

To block years in the period table:

  1. Go to: General / Configuration / Period settings / Period table.
  2. Open the period table.
  3. Click on the action: Block years.
  4. Enter the year to be blocked.
  5. Click on: Finish

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