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Add an administration

You add an administration to the current environment. If you then open the administration and start a (financial) function, you must first record the financial settings.

An environment can contain up to 999 administrations.

To add an administration:

  1. Go to: General / Administration / Management / New.
  2. Complete the fields.
  3. Enter a unique code for the administration.
  4. Enter the address details. These will be used for printing overviews, among other things.

    Once you have recorded the organisation/person for this administration in CRM, you can select the organisation/person in Organisation/person. Profit automatically copies the organisation data, such as the CoC number, contact person and phone number.

  5. Click on: Next.

  6. Enter the journal number of the journal in which you want to record the opening balance.

    Once you complete the wizard, Profit automatically adds a journal of the Opening balance type with the journal number you have entered. The balance contra account is linked to this journal.

  7. Check the financial period table for this administration.

    By default, this field contains the preferred value from the financial period table of the current administration. You can change it and set another period table for the administration in question.

  8. Click on: Next.
  9. If applicable, enter notes. Here you can enter information about the new administration, for example a short company description if you are working with multiple administrations. This text is purely informative.

    You can view or change this field later on by selecting General / Administration / Management / Properties and clicking on the Remark tab.

  10. Click on: Finish.

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