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You can track multiple financial administrations in an environment, for a BV structure for example. In the other Profit components, such as Profit Projects, Profit Order Management, the course administration and Fixed assets, you can specify which financial administration the data should be channelled to.

In each administration you can specify the country of which the legislation (Legislative country) will be applied. This country determines which VAT codes, VAT rates and VAT sections are used.

When creating an environment, the first administration is created automatically; this is the so-called main administration. You can create extra administrations yourself.


You cannot transfer an administration from one environment to another.



You might want to add multiple administrations to an environment, for example, because you want to configure a holding structure (one holding with one or more limited companies). This prevents double entry of some master data.

If you do not work with a multi-company structure, such as a holding structure, you do not add any new administrations to your environment. In this case, you automatically work in the main administration.

In the image below, you see which data applies at the environment level and which data applies at the administration level.

Environment level

At the environment level, you record the data that applies for the entire holding, such as the chart of accounts, debtors, creditors and allocation codes.

Administration level

At the administration level, you record the data that is valid only for a specific administration, such as journals, allocation assignments, etc. Automatic payment and collection as well as debtor reminders also happen at the administration level. Conversely, the reminder sets are recorded and maintained at the environment level.


  • Activate the functionality for hybrid administrations of countries

    If you want to add an administration for Belgium, the Netherlands Antilles or Luxembourg to a Dutch environment, you must first activate the functionality for the country in question. Profit only supports the VAT configuration of the Benelux countries and the Netherlands Antilles.


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