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Record the administration settings

This topic discusses the general administration settings. You have already recorded a number of the settings when you added the administration.

In addition to the general administration settings, financial administration settings can be specified.

To record the general administration settings:

  1. Open the administration.
  2. Go to: General / Administration / Management / Properties.
  3. Go to the tab: General.

    On this tab you can find the properties you specified when you added the administration, including the address. You can still modify these.

  4. Check the data. In Organisation/person, select the organisation (or person) if you have recorded the organisation/person in CRM. Profit automatically copies the organisation data, such as the CoC number, contact person and phone number.

    The address data is used in certain default reports, such as invoice reports. Check your reports after you have changed the address to be sure that the correct address is shown.

  5. Go to the tab: New/change issue.
  6. Here, enter an e-mail address and sender for the e-mail messages that you send from Profit, such as electronic invoices. If you do not enter the name then Profit uses the name of the administration as the sender of the e-mail messages. Always include the name of your organisation, so that your e-mail messages are not handled as spam.

    Fin_Administratie voor eVerbinding inrichten


    The company EnYoi uses the following data:

    E-mailadres afzender:

    Naam afzender: EnYoi ICT Services

  7. If you issue sales invoices as e-invoices (UBL invoices), select your bank account number in Invoice bank acc.. This is the bank account number to which the sales contact must make the payment for the e-invoice. It only applies to the current administration.

    You can also record the Invoice bank acc. in the sales contact profile. In that case, however, this bank account number applies in all administrations.

  8. Enter the EVerbinding company ID of the administration if you send and receive e-invoices via eVerbinding.

    You can only complete this field if you have activated eVerbinding.

  9.  Click on: OK.

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