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Delete an administration

You can delete an administration and all associated master data and entries from the current environment.


When you delete an administration, you permanently delete all the data in that administration. The option cannot be undone. Make a backup of the environment before deleting an administration. The active administration can also be deleted.

To delete an administration:

  1. Go to:General / Administration / Management / Delete.
  2. Click on: Next.
  3. Select the administration you want to delete.
  4. You can select the Verwijder bijbehorende debiteuren en crediteuren check box.

    Debtors and creditors are managed at the environment level. If you delete an administration, you select this check box to delete debtors and creditors that are specifically associated with the administration you delete. These are debtors and creditors that have at least one journal entry in the administration you delete, but no journal entry in any other administration.

  5. Click on: Next.


    You see whether the administration can be deleted. If you only use the administration for Profit Financieel and you have not linked the administration to another Profit component (for example, you have not linked the administration to a project, employer, asset group, course, subscription), you can delete the administration. If the administration is linked to a data element in Profit (other than Profit Financieel), the administration cannot be deleted and the reason why the administration cannot be deleted is shown. Furthermore, you can never delete Administratie 1, because of issues related to checks in Profit.

  6. Click on: Finish.
  7. Confirm you want to delete the administration.

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