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Add a period to a salary processing plan

On the Salary processing plan tab of the employer properties you can maintain the salary processing plan. For every period you add a separate period line to the salary processing plan.

At the beginning of a new wage year, you add a salary processing plan line for each period.

To add a period to the salary processing plan:

  1. Go to: HR / Organisation / Employer.

    You can also use the New action via HR / Payroll / Salary processing cockpit to add a salary processing plan line.

  2. Open the employer’s properties.
  3. Go to the tab: Salary processing plan.
  4. Click on: New.
  5. Select the Create a separate period line check box.
  6. Select the employer if you are adding a salary processing plan line from the salary processing cockpit.
  7. Click on: Next.
  8. Select the processing code.

    You can only specify a different processing code if a consultant has configured this for you. A processing code is linked to a line in the salary processing plan. It can be used to have a wage component calculated in a separate salary processing. For example, in the case of a separate processing of the holiday allowance.

  9. Enter the description of the period line.
  10. If applicable, enter an end date in End date time registration.

    Profit includes wage entries up to and including the end date of the time registration in the salary processing. These entries are sickness and leave entries from the actual costing of projects, for which a so-called postponed period is used. This is only relevant if you are using the integration with Profit Projecten.

    The period for which the entries are processed runs from the end date in the previous salary processing plan up to and including the end date in the current salary processing plan.

  11. Select the period table type, enter the year and select the period.
  12. Enter the remaining data, if they are relevant.
  13. Click on: Next.
  14. Enter the financial period in which Profit posts the journal entry for this period.
  15. Enter the journal in which Profit posts the wage journal entry.
  16. Enter the voucher date for the journal entry of this period.

    On this date, Profit posts the journal entry of this period.

  17. If applicable, enter a text for the journal entry.
  18. Click on: Next.
  19. Determine whether Profit should generate one of the 'PLOs' when the salary processing is approved.

    If wage processing is weekly, you select the ‘PLO’ check box in the properties of the salary processing plan every four weeks.

  20. Click on: Finish.

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