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Payroll year-end transition

For the transition from the year 2015 to 2016, you close the wage year in Profit Payroll and configure Profit Payroll for the next wage year.


Process on AFAS Online

Click on a step in the below procedure for the year-end transition to go to the explanation of that procedure step:

Process when working locally

As you can see in the processes below, in a local installation you have to go through many more steps for the year-end transition than you have to when using AFAS Online. On AFAS Online, Profit and the CLAs are updated automatically to the version corresponding to the new wage year.

Click on the steps in the below process for the year-end transition to see the explanation of the procedure step in question.

2016 Payroll configuration

Just before Christmas, we delivered the Profit basic CLA. This CLA is literally the basis for all other 181 Profit CLAs. Of course, we describe every change in more detail in the release notes. But in our new CLA Center, we like to provide a summary of the changes for the new wage year.

Click here for a summary of the changes for the new wage year

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Klik op de stappen in onderstaand proces van de jaarovergang, om naar de uitleg van de betreffende procedurestap te gaan:

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  • Jaarwerk voor pensioenfondsen

    Delivering the year-end work is a statutory obligation. You no longer deliver the year-end work to the tax authority and 'UWV’ since they already receive this information via the wage declaration. You can, however, deliver year-end work to some pension funds.


Year-end work and year-end transition