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Configure items for foreign VAT

For each item, set the rate group it falls in based on the legislation in the country of your administration. For each Item, you can also record the VAT rate groups for other countries you will report to.

For instance, in the Netherlands, children's shoes fall in the High rate group. In Belgium, children's shoes also fall in the high rate group, but at a different percentage; and in Luxembourg they fall in the Extra reduced group. 

Enter these foreign VAT rate groups for each item on the VAT rate groups tab in the properties of the item. You must first authorise this tab. Using the VAT rate groups, you thus indicate the rate group that each item falls in for each country. You must already have the rate groups added for each country before you can select them. You can also import VAT rate groups.

To set foreign VAT rate groups by item/article:

  1. Go to:
    • Order Management / Item / Article
    • Subscriptions / Subscription / Article
    • Projects / Item / Article
    • Order Management / Item / Item cockpit.
  2. Open the properties of the item.
  3. Go to the tab: VAT rate groups.
  4. Click on: New.
  5. In Legislative country, select the country for which you want to record the VAT rate group.
  6. Select the VAT rate group.
  7. If applicable, select the VAT rate group in cases of deviation.
  8. Click on: Finish.

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