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Services calculation in item and VAT code for the VAT calculation in a VAT and ICP declaration

If a service is involved, you must record this in Profit in the Service calculation field for the work type/article in question and the VAT code to ensure that the VAT is calculated correctly in the VAT and ICP declaration.

You select the Service calculation check box in the properties:

  • of the work type (and article, if you have added an article for services) and
  • of the VAT code for services that you deliver to other EU countries.

This affects both the VAT declaration and the ICP declaration.

In the example above, for the provision of a service to a debtor in another EU country, Profit invoices the invoice line with VAT codeIC leveringen diensten (35) using the combination of debtor VAT duty Sales within EU (ICP) and an article/cost/work type for which the Service calculation check box has been selected.

And otherwise (in the case a Dutch debtor), with the normal VAT code belonging to the VAT rate group. (Note: you may be using a VAT code other than '35' for IC Levering Diensten.)

In the entry layout, you can use the Total line VAT button to see which VAT code Profit retrieves.


The ICP declaration looks to the preferred VAT duty set for the debtor. You can still change the VAT duty on the packing slip/invoice. This VAT code appears in the journal entry and therefore is also included in the ICP declaration.

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